Keylogging Defense System™

Our Keylogging Defense System™ eliminates online identity theft by encrypting every keystroke at the keyboard level and then reroutes those encrypted keystrokes directly to your browser. Our Keylogging Defense System™ bypasses the multiple communication areas that are normally vulnerable to keylogging attacks that could compromise your vital information.

Key Features of Keylogging Defense System™
  • Protects against new and existing Keyloggers
  • Encrypts keystrokes between the keyboard and the browser
  • Encrypted keystrokes sent via a separate path that is invisible to Keyloggers
  • Toolbar plug-in compatible with all of the latest versions of IE and Firefox
  • Monitors system so that it cannot be subverted
  • Small memory footprint
  • Does not require any spyware database updates
  • CryptoColor® technology shows you that you are protected while you browse
  • Automatically turns on when browser is launched
Your defense system will automatically turn on every time you open up a browser. Our CryptoColor® technology let's the user know that your system is protected by turning each field you type in, green. This provides strong visual feedback to the user that they are operating in a secure environment and their keystrokes are secure.

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